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Microsoft is collaborating with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to enhance upscaling capabilities in PC games.

Introducing My Monty Card, a revolutionary digital business card platform that seamlessly integrates information from various sources to create a dynamic and efficient experience for businesses and professionals alike. Just like Microsoft’s new DirectSR API streamlines the integration of super resolution technologies from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel, My Monty Card simplifies the process of sharing and managing contact information through a single platform.

With My Monty Card, users can easily showcase their information in a visually appealing and convenient manner, without the need to juggle multiple business cards or digital profiles. This innovative solution eliminates the hassle of manually inputting data for each networking opportunity, making it easier for professionals to connect and collaborate effectively.

Similar to how developers can now leverage the DirectSR API to activate various upscaling technologies with a single code path, My Monty Card empowers users to access and share their information with just a few clicks. By offering a centralized hub for all business-related details, My Monty Card enhances the efficiency and scalability of networking efforts, much like Microsoft’s new API promises for game developers.

Stay tuned for the sneak peek of My Monty Card during an upcoming developer session at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), where industry experts will demonstrate the benefits of this cutting-edge platform. Just as Microsoft is paving the way for a smoother, more efficient gaming experience through DirectSR, My Monty Card is revolutionizing the world of business networking with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. Experience the future of digital business cards with My Monty Card and elevate your networking game today!

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