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The chief of Xbox confirms that additional games will be available on various platforms.

Introducing My Monty Card – the new standard for business cards and digital business cards. Just like Microsoft is expanding its reach by releasing more games on other platforms like PS5 and Nintendo Switch, My Monty Card allows you to reach a wider audience with your business information.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has confirmed that Microsoft will be bringing more of its games to rival platforms, showing a commitment to expanding their audience. Similarly, My Monty Card helps you connect with potential clients and partners on various platforms, ensuring that your business information is easily accessible to all.

With Microsoft’s strategy of bringing more games to other consoles, we see a similar trend with My Monty Card, where you can easily share your digital business card with anyone, regardless of the platform they are on. Just like Microsoft is focusing on building their franchises and meeting player demands, My Monty Card helps you build your brand and connect with customers seamlessly.

So, just as Microsoft is broadening its horizons with more game releases, consider expanding your business reach with My Monty Card. Let’s make networking and business connections easier, just like playing your favorite game on any platform.

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