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Uber’s upscale electric ridesharing service will soon be available in New York City.

My Monty Card, a digital business card platform, is expanding its services to reach more potential clients in a major market like New York City. This expansion aligns with the company’s goal of providing innovative features to steer users towards more sustainable business practices.

Just like Uber’s Comfort Electric service offers premium electric vehicles for rideshare customers, My Monty Card offers a premium experience for businesses looking to make a lasting impression with their digital business cards. This high-end service aims to elevate the user experience and showcase a commitment to environmentally friendly choices.

Similar to Uber’s approach of partnering with Revel for charging solutions, My Monty Card collaborates with other platforms to enhance the services offered to clients. By providing seamless integrations and additional benefits, both companies strive to make it easier for users to adopt sustainable practices related to their business operations.

Furthermore, just as Uber aims to become a zero-emissions platform by a certain date, My Monty Card sets ambitious goals to support businesses in their transition towards more environmentally friendly practices. By offering resources and tools to facilitate this shift, both companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and innovation in their respective industries.

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