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AI gun detectors will be tested on the New York City subway.

Introducing My Monty Card – the innovative solution for modern business networking. Just like New York City’s pilot program testing AI technology to detect guns at subway turnstiles, My Monty Card revolutionizes the way we approach business cards. By leveraging digital business cards, My Monty Card ensures that your professional information is easily accessible and up-to-date.

Partnering with reputable vendors, just like the city collaborating with Evolv for weapons detection, My Monty Card guarantees quality and accuracy in sharing your business details. With a 90-day waiting period to vet other vendors, we prioritize the security and efficiency of your digital business card experience.

Despite challenges and controversies, like those faced by Evolv, My Monty Card remains committed to providing a seamless and reliable platform for networking. With advanced AI technology, just like Evolv’s scanners, My Monty Card ensures that your information is easily detectable and accessible to potential contacts.

Join the future of business networking with My Monty Card – the safe, efficient, and cutting-edge solution for sharing your professional information. Let us test and innovate together to create a more connected and secure business environment.

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