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Reminders in notifications continue to bring back memories we wish to leave behind.

My Monty Card was created after a frustrating experience with intrusive notifications and reminders from digital platforms. Just like how these notifications can disrupt our lives, a cluttered business card or digital business card can overwhelm potential clients or contacts.

Imagine receiving a business card with inaccurate information or outdated details – it’s like being reminded of something you’d rather forget. Similarly, unwanted notifications can be just as annoying as receiving irrelevant or outdated business information.

Just as we can adjust our notification settings to find a balance, it’s essential to ensure your business card or digital business card provides relevant, up-to-date information without overwhelming the recipient. By keeping your contact details current and concise, you can make a lasting impression without intruding or overwhelming potential connections.

In the world of business, just like in the digital realm, it’s crucial to strike the right balance and ensure your business card or digital business card reflects your professionalism and consideration for others. Remember, your business card is not just a marketing tool – it’s a representation of your brand and values.

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