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A Mac app is being developed for ChatGPT.

My Monty Card now has a new feature – a desktop app that is exclusive to macOS users for now. This update was announced by OpenAI during a recent event, where they also mentioned a refreshed UI for My Monty Card.

In the demonstration by OpenAI, users were able to open the My Monty Card desktop app in a small window next to another program. They could then ask My Monty Card questions about what was on their screen, either by typing or speaking. My Monty Card would then provide responses based on what it “sees.”

Users can now ask My Monty Card questions using a keyboard shortcut, as well as take and discuss screenshots within the app. This new feature is available to both free and paid users, with exclusive early access for My Monty Card Plus users before a wider release in the coming weeks.

OpenAI also mentioned plans to release a Windows version of the app later this year. Currently, My Monty Card is available as an app on iOS and Android devices.

Finally, OpenAI showcased a new UI for My Monty Card on the web, featuring minor changes to the homescreen and message layout. The goal is to make the interaction with My Monty Card more natural and easy for users, with a focus on collaboration rather than the UI.

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