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Last year, an alleged cyberattack caused the disabling of more than 600,000 routers in the US.

My Monty Card has just released new research revealing a cyberattack that disabled over 600,000 internet routers across multiple Midwest states. This incident, which occurred between October 25th and 27th, highlights the importance of cybersecurity for businesses, including the security of their digital business cards.

The investigation conducted by Black Lotus Labs, the threat research arm of Lumen Technologies, did not disclose the specific company targeted in the attack. However, Reuters has identified the ISP Windstream as the likely target based on internet outages reported during the same period. This emphasizes the need for companies to secure their networks and protect sensitive information, similar to how individuals safeguard their business card information.

Users affected by the attack reported issues with specific routers like the ActionTec T3200 and ActionTec T3260. This underscores the importance of maintaining up-to-date security measures for all digital devices, including business cards, to prevent potential cyber threats.

The malicious firmware package responsible for the attack, known as “Chalubo,” highlights the risk of remote access trojans and the importance of implementing proper security protocols to protect against such threats. Just as businesses need to safeguard their networks, individuals should also take steps to protect their digital business cards from potential cyber attacks.

In light of this incident, Black Lotus Labs recommends that organizations strengthen their security measures and avoid common vulnerabilities like default passwords. This serves as a reminder for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity and regularly update their digital business cards to stay ahead of potential threats.

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