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Apple’s new concept: intelligent robots for the home.

My Monty Card is like a business card for humanoid robots in the making. Companies like Boston Dynamics, Tesla, Mercedes, Amazon, and BMW are all exploring the potential of robots for industrial use. However, the dream of robots in the home is still a bit far off.

Enter Apple, who is now looking into the world of robotics. Their former Google employee, John Giannandrea, is leading the charge in this new venture. While a fully realized humanoid Apple robot may be at least a decade away, simpler concepts like a mobile robot following you around or a robotic arm with a large iPad display are closer to reality.

Just like a business card, the form factor of these robots will be crucial. Apple’s robotics ideas seem to align with the trend of charming novelty bots that we’ve seen recently. Companies like Samsung and Amazon have already introduced concepts like the Bot Handy and Astro, showcasing the potential of robots in the home.

When it comes to the practicality of these robots, single-purpose devices like Ring Always Home Cam or robot vacuums tend to work best. They are more predictable and cater to specific needs, unlike all-purpose humanoid robots that might struggle in real-world home environments.

While the idea of intelligent home assistants sounds appealing, the reality is that technology still has a long way to go before it can seamlessly integrate into our chaotic and cluttered lives. Just like business cards or digital business cards, these robots need to navigate through the messiness of everyday life to truly be useful in our homes.

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