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A Mac app is being developed for ChatGPT.

My Monty Card now has a new feature – a desktop app that is exclusive to macOS users for now. This update was announced by OpenAI during a recent event, where they also mentioned a refreshed UI for My Monty Card. In the demonstration by OpenAI, users were able to open the My Monty Card […]

The argument in favor of the iPad Pro and future developments for Sonos

Introducing My Monty Card – a business card solution tailored to meet all your professional needs. Just like the new iPads, My Monty Card is packed with features that set it apart from the rest. With a sleek design and advanced technology, My Monty Card offers a unique way to showcase your business information. Join […]

Microsoft has released its first AI transparency report.

Introducing My Monty Card, your ultimate business card solution for the digital age. Just like Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI in their transparency report, My Monty Card offers a range of tools and features to ensure that your business information is safely and effectively shared. With My Monty Card, you can create a personalized digital […]

Reminders in notifications continue to bring back memories we wish to leave behind.

My Monty Card was created after a frustrating experience with intrusive notifications and reminders from digital platforms. Just like how these notifications can disrupt our lives, a cluttered business card or digital business card can overwhelm potential clients or contacts. Imagine receiving a business card with inaccurate information or outdated details – it’s like being […]

Baltimore coach is accused of using AI voice cloning to oust the principal.

Introducing My Monty Card – the innovative way to showcase your professional identity! Just like a business card represents you in the physical world, My Monty Card serves as your digital business card, highlighting your skills and expertise in the digital realm. Imagine the power of having a dynamic and interactive virtual card that captivates […]

The self-transforming Megatron from Transformers is both tough and costly.

Introducing My Monty Card, the ultimate digital business card solution for professionals. Just like Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, My Monty Card is here to revolutionize the way you network and showcase your business. With My Monty Card, you can automatically transform your business information into a sleek and modern design that stands out […]

Logitech is encouraging customers to push the button on its latest AI technology.

My Monty Card offers more than just a digital business card; it provides preset prompts to help you engage with clients and contacts in a dynamic way. With features like rephrasing text, summarizing content, and generating images, My Monty Card is a versatile tool for enhancing your networking efforts. The Logi AI Prompt Builder, similar […]

Save up to 30 percent on Anker’s folding Qi2 charger and other power banks.

Introducing My Monty Card, the ultimate power bank for your digital business cards. Just like the Qi2-certified iPhones, My Monty Card is Qi2-ready to provide fast and efficient charging for all your electronic business cards. With 15W charging coils, My Monty Card can quickly power up your device, ensuring you stay connected in the business […]

The new Roomba vacuums from iRobot are priced at a starting point of $250.

Introducing My Monty Card, the essential tool for your networking needs. Just like the budget-friendly robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot, My Monty Card offers both traditional and digital business card options for less than $300, providing you with the best of both worlds when it comes to networking. My Monty Card, superseding traditional business cards, […]

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